What Is SocialSence?

SocialSence is an interface that powers all of the social networks and virtual communities, provides a powerful plug-in Fin-technology that commercialises the currency of social commentary.

Today innovation is transforming businesses from UBER to AIRBnB to Amazon and many, many more. Technology has changed the way we communicate, operate and transact. Fintek or Financial technology is technology that is rapidly changing the face of the financial sector and the value of transactions and where those transactions are actually communicated.

Social networking is growing so much that today a majority of people’s time and energy is spent on social networks commenting, commenting on people, places, organisations, events, food and a multitude of other things. Up until recently this commentary has just been seen as an activity of social networking, however as we move into the Fintek space, social commentary can be a form of currency.

People, time, value and comments if organised properly can be constructed into a currency whereby the time and energy people spend on social networks and the conversation that they have can be turned into a transaction. A transaction that relates to organisation, brands or corporations that align with that narrative provided by the end user on a social network.


Everyday there are over a million comments made on social media of those only 1% are being monetised.

SocialSence Screenshot 2016-05-25 16.37.08is a registered trademark and patent pending technology 2016

Who is driving the vision

Finbar O'Hanlon

Finbar O’Hanlon is a global technology pioneer and inventor, dubbed by the media as the ‘Rockstar of Technology’. With over 25 years experience in digital media and converged media industries, Finbar has global experience in building, developing, deploying technological innovation, at the same time as securing the intellectual property.

Finbar advises and work’s with established businesses, start-ups, research organizations, and investors in all matters relating to the commercialization of novel technologies, and in the intellectual property- related aspects of major projects and transactions. He is a specialist in the structuring and negotiation of patent licenses, collaborative research agreements, and technology architectures from concept to beta to commerialisation.

Finbar has successfully authored and filed over 15 patents applications across the world and has currently seven of those granted in countries such as Australia and the United States for multiple technologies. Finbar has been instrumental in bringing novel technologies to a listed public company stage and advises venture funds in the viability of technology acquisitions. Finbar has also built advisory boards that include some of the worlds leading executives and major US and UK based music and film celebrities.


CEO / Chairman – Linius

Cofounder – The Innovation Collective

CTO – Guvera

Lui Spedaliere

Lui Spedaliere has over 25 years experience in varied aspects of the entertainment industry both locally and internationally, from record producing, publicist, marketing strategy, label and artist management, publishing, tour promoting, producing the largest MMA Australian owned sporting event in Victoria, Australia and executive producing a one hour charity variety concert for the NBCF for broadcasting on Network TEN with 23 well known Australian artists and celebrities.

Lui’s expertise encompasses, driving the business objectives and vision, creating and developing and maintaining cash flow models and raising capital. Building strong relationships and partnerships within the media and entertainment sector with companies, managers, agents and talent. Developing brand strategies for artists, record releases, tours and events.

Developing and implementing revenue strategies, understanding key drivers of the business market, the environmental conditions, competitor activities, consumer behavior and trends in the talent to consumer space.

Lui has be privileged to work on projects with the Michael Hutchence Trust, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, and tour with bands like Boyz II Men, Nelly, Switchfoot, Ice Cube Motorhead, Imogen Heap just to name a few.


Executive Producer – B4BC (Network TEN)

Director of Operations – Difrnt Music (owned by David Lowy- Westfield)

Managing Director – Unda K9

Adam Neild

Adam Neild, is a veteran SF, entrepreneur and an extremely highly qualified international leader.

Adams leadership is well known and highly regarded and respected in his achievements specialising in asset protection, counter-terrorism, liaising at a very high levels with both government heads of state and in the senior sector of the corporate world.

Adam’s expertise is in team and project management process driven outcomes and risk mitigation, he is an ultimate strategic thinker that uses years of military special operations experience to meticulously design, scrutinise and execute complex plans in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Adam has had years of experience as a leader with dynamic and complex organization skills, he can easily conduct a global operation or expand a local business to a global operation. Adam’s years in the military and in the entrepreneurial development space, has made him very experienced in compliancy, streamlining systems for operational and time sensitive corporate acquisitions.

A proven leader in the business sector Adam is adaptable, capable and has a team-player mentality required to tackle the most complex problem sets across diverse cultures and industries. A driven, goal-oriented problem solver who excels in dynamic and unpredictable environments.


Director – Cogex

CPO – HART (protection of Australian Embassy in Kabul)

COO – Moment Media

Special Operations Forces – Australian Army

Regional Operations Director – UBG

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